Buying Fresh Fish Tips

Buying fresh fish is easy as long as you know where to look and what to look for. Quality fresh seafood is more accessible and readily available than you think.

Seafood is becoming more popular and more expensive as the days go by which is why it is important for you to know how to buy seafood of good quality and how to properly store it to maintain its freshness. If you know how to buy quality seafood, it would mean savings for you because you can prevent wastage due to excessive trimming and shrinkage. Quality fresh seafood will also mean savings because you are sure that it will have a longer shelf life which automatically means less spoilage.


Where to Get Fresh Fish

First, consider where you can buy your fish. If you are a lucky one and you live near fish ports, you may be able to buy your fish directly off the boat as it arrives on the dock.  Just be sure to look for the day boats and not the huge trawlers because those would have been out for weeks. Beware though, there may be some fishermen who are not willing to sell directly to the public, so be sure to ask beforehand.

Of course the second place to look for fish is the fish market. These can be found just by the dockside of fishing ports or they may be in large cities which are most probably quite far from the sea. The fish market usually supplies to fish retailers, restaurants and caterers and there is a possibility that their quantity deal might be too large for you, so once again, ask if they can accommodate you. If not, there are markets that sell fish in retail specifically for the general public. Another tip would be to pay them a visit early in the day.

If your town has a fishmonger, it would be best and beneficial for you if you get to know them. Be a regular customer and you can be sure that in the long run, they will be more likely to give you tips about the fish that is available. They will let you know what fresh fish is in, what is local and what came from far places that might not be too fresh anymore. Not only that, you can even ask them for advice on how to cook the fish, especially those you are not so familiar with. As a side note, there are many that bargain with the less common kind of fish, particularly the local ones, because they are less in demand; to avoid wasting them, they offer them at a very reasonable price.

How to Buy Fresh Fish

When buying fish, look for the ones that still smell of the sea and the ones that still have a vibrant color, specifically the scale, if visible. The scale will shine like sequins and the eyes are bright and not sunken. Take note that some of the fresh fish you will find will be covered in slime so do not be put off by it. If you are buying portioned fish, some of these characteristics might not be seen anymore but still take a look at the skin. It should still have the same appearance as mentioned above and if you are allowed to touch the flesh, do so. Make sure that it is close textured and firm, not spongy.